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A Serial Entrepreneur and Investor
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A Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Danny DeMichele, CEO, and founder of eVisiblity, an internet marketing agency, is most known for his proactive and innovative thinking. Danny has stayed ahead of his competition by innovating customized strategies in internet marketing to deliver distinguished results to his clients as one of the pioneer's search engine development and commercialization.

Danny is currently working on purchasing group of e-commerce sites for home goods. For a long time, he has been in that business. He wants to be back and do better than he did.

For some time now, Danny has been an internet marketer and has founded and sold a big company. While he loves internet marketing, most of them are run on the outdated business models. His founded incubate.com wants to bring change to the marketing payments and the way campaigns are run. There is no sense on the budgets spent on media without state-of-the-art performance. This is the reason why he has decided to offer a higher expectation.

Some people spend too much time working without accomplishing much. Others work harder and achieve impressive accomplishments. However, there are people like Danny who are gifted. Everything he puts their hands in meets with success.

Danny is a successful entrepreneur. His skills date back to 1998. During this time, he founded a successful online nutrition company that was later bought by a larger nutrition company. While he keeps learning from his business, he is a high-level online marketing consultant to many Fortune 500 firms. He founded eVisibility in 2006 from his home office. The company grew tremendously gathering over $5 million in profits within four years. This company became the biggest and fastest growing internet search engine optimization for marketing firms. LSF later acquired the company.

He co-founded an eCommerce and conglomerate website in furniture during his time at eVisibility. The company is now worth over $5million. It was later sold to Max Industries. 

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