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Some people live their lives and don't ever accomplish all that much. Others work really hard and have some very impressive accomplishments that they can look back upon with satisfaction. Then, there are people like Danny DeMichele who is seemingly gifted as everything he puts his hands on meets with success, and the list of accomplishment are not only long, but impactful too.

After cutting his teeth in the e-commerce world, he went on to merely start an internet agency (some of you may be familiar) called eVisibility. This, the first of many successful ventures to follow, only became the 169th fastest growing company in 2010 as cited by Inc. Magazine. After selling eVisibility to the LSF Network, these now combined companies became one of the largest privately held agencies within the digital industry.

One of his driving passions for quite some time now is to bring truth to consumers and those companies that fall outside of the major conglomerate classification, those small and mid-sized companies. Surprisingly (or not) his major target or adversary is perhaps Google, and the information they share on how to promote sites and traffic. Danny DeMichele will state clearly and without mincing words, that how sites are promoted and how site traffic is increased will not be in accord with how Google suggest it happens, and he has gone as far as to declare that this is not only incorrect information, but knowingly wrong information being passed on by this mega search site giant.

This is very likely one of the driving forces behind a few of the companies he is operating currently, yes, that's more than one. Incubate, for example is designed to help companies in the service provider realm, and not surprisingly this will include how to market and PR related areas. Quiverr is another one of those companies he's built, and this enterprise is focused on full service marketplace branding. Once again, and this is a common theme, much of the focus will come back to how to make companies and their sites more visible, how to increase search ranking index and increasing traffic.
There is no question that Danny DeMichele is making an impact, and there are many who have worked with, and have learned from him invaluable tools to not only survive and succeed in today's online market, but to excel in this new age. What's next for Danny DeMichele is yet to be determined, but one thing is almost certain - it won't go unnoticed, and a good bet is that a quick Google search will find him near the top of the results page. 

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